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Trinkets are a special kind of pickup that grant passive effects. Currently, (on V1.4.0 beta released on 2019/10/31) the IPECAC Community Mod adds 37 new trinkets

Name Icon Quote Description
Bishop's Cloth
Trinket bishops cloth.png
Prays for your friends Grants an orbiting Bishop familiar. All Freindlyenemies are made invulnerable until the Bishop is hit, which kills it. The Bishop is respawned upon entering a new room.
Broken Bulb
Trinket Broken Bulb.png
It definitely does not work Provides a boost to all Stats if the player doesn't have an Active Item.
Broken Glasses
Trinket Broken Glasses.png
Neeeeeeeerd! Whenever the player uses an 'Book' Active Item, they are given 20/20 for the room.
Trinket C4.png
Stick into the ground! Allows the player to walk through placed Bombs and prevents them from being pushed by other means.
Charred Die
Trinket charred die.png
Return from the chaos Upon death, is consumed and has a 50% chance of Reviving the player and Rerolling all their Items.
Trinket crowdfunding.png
Support me! Familiar tears have a chance to drop Coins upon hitting an enemy.
Such a beautiful poop! Red Poop no longer regenerates.
Trinket Dreamcatcher.png
Prevents negative energies 45% chance to prevent a Curse upon entering a new floor.
Faint Bulb
Trinket Faint Bulb.png
It sorta glows... Provides a boost to all Stats when the Active Item is only partially charged.
Huge Rock
Trinket large rock.png
So... Heavy! -0.9 speed. Your next tear fired will instead be this Trinket, dealing 20 damage and dropping as a trinket again upon impact (Has a 1% chance to be destroyed upon impact).
Trinket Geode.png
It sorta glows... Rocks have a higher chance (Roughly double) of being replaced with Tinted Rocks.
Trinket iou normal.png
Pay back later! Allows you to take a Devil Deal or Shop Item even if you don't have the Health/Money for it. Upon doing so, this trinket becomes Undroppable, (Preventing you from picking up any other trinkets) and consumes any HP Ups/Soul Hearts/Coins you gain until the Debt is paid off. After that, it can be used again to take another item and it can be dropped.
Latex Glove
Trinket Latex Glove.png
A gentle touch... All TNT Barrels become moveable variants.
Lemon Wedge
Trinket Lemon Wedge.png
Sorta Sour... Upon taking damage, gives a 50% chance to spawn a Lemon Mishap creep puddle under the player.
Lil' Scale
Trinket Lil Scale.png
Weigh your destiny Doubles the chance of Tarot Cards being replaced by their respective Folied variants.
Locust of Void
Trinket Locust Of Void.png
I Bring All Upon entering a room with enemies, spawns a Locust of a random type (2-5 if Locust of Conquest).
Lost Worm
Trinket Lost Worm.png
fsssswoooopsfswowoop! All tears now have Piercing, Homing and change direction erratically. Enemies hit by your tears get confused.
Lucky Coal
Trinket lucky coal.png
Reminiscent of the flames Fireplaces have an increased chance of dropping Pickups when extinguished.
Magnifying glass
Trinket Magnifying Glass.png
Bigger is better, right? Increase Tear Size and Height.
Manuel Page
Trinket Manuel.png
Friends in a time of need Upon taking damage, gives a chance of activating the Monster Manual effect, up to twice per room.
Midweek Madness
Trinket midweek madness.png
Offer ends in 0:15:42 Randomly reduces the prices of Shop Pedestals. While most are small (10-20%) discounts, some are up to 90%.
Mirror Shard
Trinket Mirror Shard.png
Cuts deeply Gives a chance to fire larger, Piercing, My Reflection tears.
Mom's Fingernail
Trinket moms fingernail.png
Physical protection If Isaac has 1 Heart or less, the first Enemy to get close enough is grabbed by Mom's Hand, once per room.
Penny Battery
Trinket Penny Batery.png
Wealth of Energy Picking up Coins has a chance to activate one of the following effects: 1. Recharge 1 tick of Energy on the currently held Active Item; 2. Spawn a Lil' Battery pickup; 3. Shoot a Jacob's Ladder laser at a nearby enemy (If there are any).
Playing Dough
Trinket Dough Pot.png
Make your own toys! Gives a chance that any Pickup spawned is replaced by a Trinket. The likelihood of replacing a pickup with a trinket decreases each time it successfully does so, and Playing Dough is destroyed after spawning 3 Trinkets. Also gives a small chance that pickups are destroyed upon spawning.
Pregnancy Test
Trinket Pregnancy Test.png
Grow your own family! Familiars ignore traditional Item Pools and have a much higher chance of appearing anywhere.
Pressure Gauge
Trinket pressuregauge.png
Release the buildup! Automatically fires charged shots such as Chocolate Milk and Brimstone when they're fully charged.
Pyrite Key
Trinket Pyrite Key.png
Opens some locks... Gives a chance of granting a Golden Key upon entering a new floor. Chance scales with Luck.
Razor Claw
Trinket razorclaw.png
Critical Hit! Gives every tear a 1/20 chance to deal extra damage and apply all tear effects the player has.
Rose Thorn
Trinket Rose Thorn.png
Hurtful love All Familiars now deal a small amount of Contact Damage.
Secret Password
Trinket Secret Password.png
Don't forget it Bombing a Shopkeeper in a Secret Room has a 50% chance to spawn a Crawlspace. Crawlspaces will always have a passage to a Black Market (Said passage may be gated with Key Blocks).
Singed Fuse
Trinket Singed Fuse.png
Chance bombs Placed bombs have a 30% chance of getting random Bomb Modifier effects.
Soul Fragment
Trinket Soul Fragment.png
It is still something... Upon taking damage, activates The Soul's effect for the current room, repelling incoming projectiles.
Stink Bug
Trinket Stink Bug.png
Eugh! Blue Flies now inflict Poison onto Enemies as well.
Stone Heart
Trinket Stone Heart.png
Pulses beneath the rocks Whenever a Rock is destroyed, it has a chance of spawning a Half Red Heart.
The Egg
Trinket The Egg.png
Hatch it carefully Upon entering a new floor, has a chance to hatch into a random familiar. Taking damage while holding The Egg has a high chance to break it and destroy the trinket.
Tinfoil Hat
Trinket Tinfoil Hat.png
109! Enemy Homing projectiles no longer home in on you.
Tied Penny
Trinket tied penny.png
Cheaty Gambling Using a Slot machine, Reroll machine, etc. has a chance not to consume your money. When the effect activates, it also slightly increases your Evil stat.
Bloodied Rag
Trinket torn rag.png
Another Chance Upon Death, Revives you with half a Heart and is consumed.