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This feature is Work In Progress (WIP). It is not fully programmed and might not work as intended yet .

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New Transformations[edit | edit source]

As of pre-release 1.1.2 (DD/MM/2020), there are 12 new Transformations. As an upcoming feature for the next update, Trinkets can also count towards transformations. Depending on the amount of trinkets and effects of a transformation, each trinket might contribute as much as a passive item (weight 1), or some fraction of that.

Name Appearence Description Items Trinkets (Weight)
  • Each time you enter a new room, a charmed Mom's Eye (laser variant) is spawned next to the entrance you came from.
  • You are immune to Curse of the Blind.
  • Bloodshot Eye
  • Eye of Belial
  • Mom's Eye
  • Inner Eye
  • Polyphemus
  • Mutant Spider
  • Eye of Greed
  • Evil Eye
  • Dead Eye
  • Cursed Eye
  • Peeper
  • Proptosis
  • Bloodshot Eye
  • Broken Mask
  • Cain's Eye (1)
  • Enemies that touch you take 30 damage and are frozen for 3-10 seconds.
  • The Battery
  • Car Battery
  • 9 Volt
  • Magneto
  • Strange Attractor
  • Sharp Plug
  • Jacob's Ladder
  • Jumper Cables
  • Technology 0
  • Broken Mask
  • Upon taking damage, you have a chance (10% at base luck) of spawning charmed Mom's Hands, similar to Emergency Contact.
  • Used Diaper (1)
  • Baby Bender (1)
I, Robot
  • Upon taking damage, you have a chance (10% at 0 luck) of shooting 8 lasers evenly spaced around you.
  • Every 7th Lil' Battery you pick up, you gain one full Red Heart Container.
  • Tech .5
  • Tech X
  • Technology
  • Technology 2
  • Robo Baby
  • Robo Baby 2.0
  • Spider Mod
  • Ludovico Technique
  • Technology 0
  • Broken Modem
  • Tech 3.14159265...
  • Broken Mask
  • All your items are rerolled whenever you change rooms. This happens even in previously-visited rooms.
  • Enemies that touch you are permanently Charmed. (You still take damage from touching them)
  • After firing for at least x seconds, you shoot a Brimstone beam in the direction you are facing. The beam's length increases the longer you charge it.
  • Bag Lunch
  • Walnut
  • Isaac's Fork
  • Butter!
  • Grants Flight.
  • Upon taking damage and with a 5% chance (Scaling with Luck) when you fire a tear, you spawn a Charmed mini Envy (last stage before it dies) that can be killed and lasts for the room.
  • Boomerang
  • Bomber Boy
  • Gnawed Leaf
  • Magic Mushroom
  • Mini Mush
  • Notched Axe
  • Mine Crafter
  • Friendly Ball
  • The Gamekid
  • Contract From Below
  • Ventricle Razor
  • Missing No.
  • Black Lotus
  • Circle of Protection
  • Monster Manual
  • How To Jump
  • Poke Go
  • Metronome
  • Blue Streak
  • SMB Mode
  • Broken Mask
  • After firing for at least 0.5 second, when you stop firing, there's a chance (Scaling with Luck and with for how long you had been shooting) you shoot a bomb in the direction you were shooting.
  • Immunity to explosions.
  • Greed's Gullet
  • Money = Power
  • A Dollar
  • A Quarter
  • Pay to Play
  • Piggy bank
  • Eye of Greed
  • Mida's touch
  • Sack of Pennies
  • Portable Slot
  • Dad's Lost Coin
  • Steam Sale
  • Greed's Soul
  • Broken Mask
  • Swallowed Penny (0.5)
  • Butt Penny (0.5)
  • Penny Battery 0.5()
  • Flat Penny (0.5)
  • Burnt Penny (0.5)
  • Bloody Penny (0.5)
  • Counterfeit Penny (1)
  • Pay To Win (0.5)
  • Store Credit (0.5)
  • Store Key (0.5)
  • Rib of Greed (0.5)
  • Silver Dollar (0.5)
  • Midweek Madness (0.5)
  • Upon taking damage or shooting a tear, there's a chance (5% at 0 luck) you shoot 4 lasers in an X pattern, similar to Pride's attack.
  • Cube of Meat
  • Ball of Bandages
  • Steven
  • Lil steven
  • Lil C.H.A.D.
  • SMB Super Fan
  • Dr. Fetus
  • Epic Fetus
  • Doctor's Remote
  • Lil Spewer
  • Lil Gish
  • Broken Mask
  • Triggers The Necronomicon's effect whenever you use an active item.
Not the Bees!
Bee Transformation Icon Large.png
  • Grants Flight.
  • Honey creep now spawns bees occasionally, when you are in an uncleared room.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Name Appearence Changes New Items (New) Trinkets
  • No change
  • No change
  • Grants immunity to explosions.
  • Upon taking damage, gives a chance to spawn a friendly Charger.
  • Bob's Bladder (1)
  • No change
Fun Guy
  • Grants immunity against enemy Poison and mushroom clouds.
  • All Mushroom enemies are permanently charmed.
  • Upon taking damage, there is a chance (of 5% at 0 luck) of inflicting Poison and Confusion on all enemies in the room and spawning a friendly Mushroom.
  • Liberty Cap
  • This transformation cannot be obtained if you already have the "Seraphim" Transformation. (WIP)
Oh Crap
  • All Black Flies are replaced with Attack Flies.
  • All Poop enemies (Bosses not included) are Charmed for the duration of the room.
  • Meconium (1)
  • Petrified Poop (1)
  • Brown Cap (1)
  • Mysterious Candy (1)
  • Used Diaper (1)
  • This transformation cannot be obtained if you already have the "Leviathan" Transformation. (WIP)
  • All Pills are immediately consumed when picked up.
Yes, Mother?
  • No changes
Super Bum
  • No changes
  • No changes
  • No changes
  • The spider familiar now deals Contact Damage.
  • The familiar leaves a thin trail of White slowing creep.
  • No changes

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • (WIP) Transformations cannot be fully prevented yet. Therefore, new items that would contribute to Seraphim and Leviathan don't work if you have the other transformation, but you can still get both via their original items

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The items required for the transformation Pride are references to Edmund McMillen's other games (Bumbo not included since that game is a spinoff from Isaac)
  • The items required for the transformation Envy are references to other games not developed by Edmund McMillen
  • "Eyesaac" is a pun on the pronunciation of "Isaac" and "Eye"
  • "I, Robot" is a reference to the book of same name by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov
    • His first name being "Isaac" might have been an inspiration for the choice of referencing his book