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35 new pickups have been added to IPECAC Community Mod.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Foiled Tarot Cards[edit | edit source]

These Cards have a rare chance of spawning in place of other Tarot Cards, usually being an upgraded version of the original card.

When on the ground, these cards look like: Foilcardback.png

Name Icon Message Effect
Foiled 0: The Fool Foiledfool.png Where the journey really begins Teleports you to the starting room of the floor, gives you +0.4 Speed for the floor and reveals the Map.
Foiled I: The Magician Foiledmagician.png May you never miss your goal. Ever. Gives you Homing for the room and spawns friendly Psychic Maws.
Foiled II: The High Priestess Foiled priestess.png Mother watches over all Mom's Foot is called down to stomp the enemy multiple times.
Foiled III: The Empress Foiledempress.png May your fury bring overwhelming power Activates the Whore of Babylon effect for the current room and grants a demon familiar for the rest of the floor.
Foiled IV: The Emperor Foiledemperor.png Challenge me!!! Teleports you into the Boss Room and gives you a Stats up for that room.
Foiled V: The Hierophant Foiledhierophant.png Endless prayers for the forgotten Spawns an Eternal Heart and 3 Soul Hearts, activates The Soul's effect for the room and increases the chance to find Soul Hearts on use.
Foiled VI: The Lovers Foiledlovers.png May you prosper and be in exceptional health Spawns 3 to 4 hearts of random types.
Foiled VII: The Chariot Foiledchariot.png May nothing dare to stand before you Example
Foiled VIII: Justice Foiledjustice.png May your present become balanced Spawns multiple pickups and activates a D20 effect for all pickups in the current room.
Foiled IX: The Hermit Foiledhermit.png May you have what life has to offer Spawns a "Bazaar" with 4 to 5 Items/Consumables for sale using the current room's item pool.
Foiled X: Wheel of Fortune Foiledwheel.png Spin all wheels of fate Generates a separate Arcade and teleports the player to it.
Foiled XI: Strength Foiledstrength.png May your power bring fury Has the effect of the normal Strength card, but only in a hostile room. This effect lasts for the entire floor.
Foiled XII: The Hanged Man Foiledhanged.png May you bring enlightenment Example
Foiled XIII: Death Foileddeath.png Lay oblivion to all that oppose you Deals 80 damage to all enemies in the room. Any enemy killed by it has a high chance of dropping a Black Heart.
Foiled XIV: Temperance Foiledtemperance.png May you be pure in heart and spirit Spawns two Blood Donation machines. All enemies killed in the room have a 10% chance of dropping Red Hearts (Does not work in Boss Rooms).
Foiled XV: The Devil Foileddevil.png Revel in the power of darkness Grants the Book of Belial and Eye of Belial effects for the current room.
Foiled XVI: The Tower Foiledtower.png Obliteration brings resurgence Gives explosion immunity for the current room. 10-16 lit Bombs spawn (one every 0.5 seconds) with random Bomb Modifiers.
Foiled XVII: The Stars Foiledstars.png May you find all your desires Teleports you to the Treasure Room (If there is one) and spawns 1 Item Pedestal and 1 Reroll machine in the room.
Foiled XVIII: The Moon Foiledmoon.png May you find even more than was lost Teleports you to the Super Secret room and reveals the location of the normal Secret Room on the Map.
Foiled XIX: The Sun Foiledsun.png May the light strengthen and illuminate you Fully heals the player's Red Hearts, grants full Mapping, removes all Curses and inflicts Burning and Confusion to all enemies in the room.
Foiled XX: Judgement Foiledjudgement.png All judges lest ye be judged Spawns one beggar of each type.
Foiled XXI: The World Foiledworld.png Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see Full Mapping for 3 floors.

Action Cards[edit | edit source]

These Cards are based on the action cards from the game UNO, and have effects analogous to those of that game.

Name Icon Message Effect
Draw 2 More cards Spawns 2 random Cards.
Skip Lose a turn Freezes all Enemies in the room for X seconds.
Reverse Change the tides Reverts the events of that room similarly to the Glowing Hour Glass and consumes the card.

Other Cards[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Message Effect
Holy Awe ??? Confuses all enemies in the room for 10 seconds.
Scratch Card Scratch your luck Causes a random effect to happen, much like a Slot machine.

Effects include:

1. Nothing;

2. Spawning a neutral Black Fly;

3. Spawning another Scratch Card;

4. Spawning a random Card;

5. Spawning one random Chest;

6. Spawning 5 Golden Chests;

7. Spawning a money related Trinket;

8. Spawning the Store Key, Paperclip, and Pyrite Key trinkets;

9. Spawning a random Coin;

10. Spawning a Golden Bomb, a Golden Key, and a Golden Heart;

11. Spawning a money related Item;

12. Spawning a Golden Poop.

Pills[edit | edit source]

In addition to the previously-existing Pills, the IPECAC Community Mod adds 4 new Pill effects.

Pill Effect
N ... No .... Not Again! Inflicts Fear on all enemies in the room and spawns 2-3 Shadow Chargers and gives the effect of My Shadow for the duration of the room.
I Feel Stompy! Allows the player to destroy obstacles for the duration of the room.
Have I Grown Up? All enemies are Shrunk for 60 seconds. This effect persists between rooms.
Cyanide Empties a Red Heart container and grants you a Black Heart.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Besides adding new Pills, the effects of some previous Pills have also changed.

Pill Effect
Addicted! For 1 minute, all Pills picked up are immediately consumed.
Amnesia Taking 3 of this pill on the same floor Resets the floor, similarly to Forget Me Now, and reshuffles the Pill Pool. If you had Placebo as your active item, you lose it.
Something's Wrong! In addition to the Black Creep, it spawns some Black Poop and 2-3 of the following Enemies: Tar Boy; Dank Charger; Dank Squirt; Clot; Gush. Any enemies spawned by this pill are Charmed and persist across rooms.
X-Lax In addition to the Slippery Creep, it spawns 3-4 of the following Enemies: Brown Knights; Corn Squirts; Brownie Corns. Any enemies spawned by this pill are Charmed and persist across rooms.