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This feature is Work In Progress (WIP). It is not fully programmed and might not work as intended yet .

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Attributes[edit | edit source]

Faith and Evil[edit | edit source]

The IPECAC Community Mod introduces two new attributes: Faith and Evil. They are used in conjunction to determine a wide range of effects:

Effects[edit | edit source]

Effect Appearence Description
Bewitching Affected enemies follow a target that is controlled by the player's shooting input, and attack other enemies near the target
Blindness Affected enemies move as if the player was still in the position they were when the effect was applied
Vulnerable Affected enemies take 1.5x more damage

Cross-Mod Interactions[edit | edit source]

External Items Description[edit | edit source]

Most, if not all items, cards and trinkets have descriptions of themselves if you have the External Items Description mod activated

The Binding of Isaac: Revelations[edit | edit source]

Some features of the IPECAC Community Mod work in conjunction with The Binding of Isaac: Revelations.

Version Log[edit | edit source]

  • Pre-Release:
    • V 1.0.0 Pre-Release
    • V 1.1.1 Pre-Release (12 Days of IPECAC 2019)
    • V1.1.2 Pre-Release
  • Beta Releases:
  • Official Release: (Upcoming)