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Items are an integral part of game-play in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. They modify Isaac's Attributes, grant or modify Tear Effects, and much more.

There are two different types of items; Active or Passive items. Passive items always have an effect on Isaac, whereas (most) active items only have an effect after a certain amount of rooms when the space bar is pressed.

To learn more about items, look at the items page on the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki.

IPECAC Community Mod, as of pre-release 1.1.3 (upcoming) adds approximately 112 new items.

For changes to Afterbirth+ items, see Changes.

Activated Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Charges Quote Description
Angel Box
Collectibles Angel Box.png
Single-use Your way shines Has a 50% chance to spawn 2 items from the angel room pool or 3 soul hearts. The chance for items increases with higher Faith.
Assassin Instincts
Collectibles Assassin Instinct.png
1 Room From the shadows! On use, fires a "dagger" projectile. Enemies hit by it take 1.5x damage, are inflicted with the bleeding effect and leave red creep (that damages you), until their death.
Blank Book
Collectibles Blank Book.png
5 rooms Write your own ending On use, will randomly perform the effect of any rechargeable book in the game.
Book Of Plagues
Collectibles Book Of Plagues.png
2 rooms The locusts are on the loose! Cycles through a series of plagues with each use, in the following order: 1. Blood (Fills the floor with red creep); 2. Boils (Enemies killed will burst into tears and creep that can damage other enemies); 3. Thunderstorm (Pushes all entities in the room to the left, and spawns hailstones and lightning bolts that damage enemies); 4. Locusts (Spawns an assortment of Locust flies); 5. Darkness ("Blinds" all enemies, making them target the spot you were at when you used the book); 6. Firstborn (Insta-kills a random enemy in the room (Except Hush and Delirium))
Collectibles Camcorder.png
Unlimited Did you get it on tape?! First use: Records Isaac performing an action (Walking around the room, placing bombs, etc). Next Use: When you press play, the actions performed will be Repeated by a Mulligan. The playback will start from where Isaac is currently standing (not where it was recorded).
Can of Beans
Collectibles Can Of Beans.png
1 room All flavours Activates the effect of random bean items 3-5 times (May activate the same effect more than once).
Champion Medal
Collectibles Champion Medal.png
4 room Everyone can be one Turns all enemies in the room into champions, if possible.
Chest Magnet
Collectibles Chest magnet.png
3 Rooms Get over here! Teleports all unopened chests in the room to Isaac's location.
Cloning Machine
Collectibles Cloning Machine.png
Unlimited Finally some friends! Deals one heart of damage and summons a stationary Isaac clone. This clone will deal contact damage to anything touching it, and will auto-fire at any enemies within a certain distance. Each subsequent clone summoned in the same room deals less damage, up to the fourth, which doesn't fire at all.
Cool Shades
Collectibles Cool Shades.png
Collectibles Cryphone.png
4 room This changes mostly everything Passively grants mapping of all regular rooms and the secret room. If used in an uncleared room, activates the effect of Emergency Contact. Otherwise, teleports you to the floor's shop, if it has one.
Dad's Cigarette
Collectibles Dads Cigarette.png
Single-use Burns your health away Upon use, replaces 1 red heart container with a black heart and becomes a passive item that increases your damage.
Devil's Box
Collectibles Devils Box.png
Single-use Will you? Upon use, has a 50% chance of spawning 2 items from the devil room pool or dealing 3 hearts of damage. The chance for items increases with higher Evil.
Ragman's Rags
Collectibles Ragmans Rags.png
4 rooms Bowling! Upon use, grants homing for the duration of the room. The next time Isaac shoots, he will throw his head. After landing, the head rolls into enemies, dealing contact damage and shooting in the direction you are. After a while, the head becomes a charmed enemy that shoots in the same direction as you and persists between rooms.
Death's Sacrifice
Collectibles Deaths Sacrifice.png
Unlimited Give your life to prevent your death Upon use, deals 1 red heart of damage, damages all enemies in the room and spawns creep. Whenever an enemy is killed while this is held, all enemies in the room take damage; this damage increases the more times you activate the item and resets each floor.
Diamond Telescope
Collectibles Diamond Telescope.png
F Bomb
Collectibles F Bomb.png
1 Room Desensitization Deals a huge amount of damage to all enemies in the room and inflicts fear in them. Each subsequent use reduces the damage dealt, decreases the chance of inflicting fear and increases the chance this item is consumed.
Fire Extinguisher
Collectibles extinguisher.png
1 Room Unkindles Rooms Puts out all fire (including blue and purple flames) in the room. Any enemy that was a fire variant of another is reverted to the normal version and, if there is no such version, is killed.
Goliath's Potion
Collectible Goliaths Potion.png
2 rooms It is good to be big Gives you a size up, damage up, and a speed down for the duration of the room.
Quick-Dry Cement
Collectibles Quick Dry Cement.png
3 Rooms Speed Masonry Permanently removes/fills all pits in the room it was used.
Tear Soaker
Collectible Soaker.png
Unlimited Take my sadness right in your face! On use, a controllable red cursor appears on the floor. After a few seconds, Isaac will shoot a super high velocity and damage tear in that direction.
The Red Book
Collectibles Red Book.png
Unlimited Small present from China Upon use, deals 1 red heart of damage, spawns 1 key, 1 bomb, either a pill or card/rune and has a high chance of slightly increasing 1 of the player's stats.
Time Capsule
Collectibles Time Capsule.png
Single-use A present for the future generations Upon use, all future items picked up will be stored in the capsule (You do not get the effects of the items). Upon death you will respawn and every item you stored will spawn on a pedestal around you, along with a 25% chance to spawn in extra items.
Collectibles Vegemite1.png
12 Seconds Don't Spit it out! Upon use, on the next time the player shoots, spawns a path of brown creep that damages monsters in the direction the shot was fired.
Collectibles Watermelon.png
4 Rooms Ptooie! Afte use, grants you an immense tears up and a significant range down for approximately 50 tears. After the 50th tear has been fired, your range and tear rate return to normal. Those tears can be used across rooms and are cumulative if you use it multiple times. The effect is only active while holding the Watermelon.

Passive Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Name Icon Quote Description
Collectibles All-in.png
Raise the stakes 1.5x Luck Multiplier. +1 Luck.
Alzheimer's Disease
Slips out of my memory... Grants full mapping on the floor, but every room, some rooms on the map disappear.
Angry Tears
Collectibles Angry Tears.png
Athlete's Foot
Collectibles athletesfoot.png
It hurts to move! - 0.25 Speed. Gives you a tears up based on your average velocity in the last 10 seconds, ranging from 0.9x to 0.5x Fire Delay
Collectible Beheading.png
Don't lose your head over it! Isaac now controls his head, which moves around with the shoot keys. The head automatically shoots at enemies, so you only need to worry about movement.
Blue Bombs
Collectibles Blue Bombs.png
Blue Streak
Collectibles Blue Streak.png
Gotta go fast! The more coins you have, the faster you move. Getting hit will scatter some of your coins on the ground. If not picked up in time, these coins will fade and disappear.
Collectibles Broccoli.png
Come on! It's good for your health! All stats up. After firing a certain amount of shots (around 20 at base tears), you "vomit" the broccoli and lose the stats up. Resets every room.
Broken Mask
Collectibles Cracked mask.png
We are one and everyone Reduces the requirements for transormations by 1 item, and adds a half soul heart.
Collectibles Bumble.png
Bee friend Grants a familiar that bounces around the room diagonally, periodically spawning honey creep and spawning bees if there are enemies nearby.
Burnt Dollar
Collectibles Burnt Dollar.png
Anarchy up! Sets your coins to 0 and spawns pickups proportionally to how many coins you lost. Each time you enter a new floor with 0 coins, you spawn some pickups and gain a permanent flat +0.5 damage.
Collectibles Chocolate.png
Speed + Damage up Speed, Damage, and HP up.
Collectibles Chrometophobia.png
Scary wealth Increases your Tears fire rate poportionally to how much money you have. Coins left of the ground cause fear on enemies near them.
Cloak of Darkness
Collectibles Cloak of Darkness.png
One with the darkness... Permanantly doubles the damage you had at the moment of picking it up. Inflicts Curse of Darkness and Curse of The Lost permanently, even if you have Black Candle. The curses can be permanently removed if you increase your Size by about 3 "One Makes You Larger" after picking it up.
Collectibles Clockwork.png
Tick. Tock. Your tears alternate between gears and springs (graphics missing). Gears deal more damage, while Springs bounce over enemies and obstacles.
Coffee Icon.png
HP + Speed + Shot Speed WAY up! HP up, Speed up, and a large Shot Speed up.
Coffee Syrup
Collectibles Coffee Milk.png
Movement = Damage The faster Isaac moves, the more damage he deals. Damage is based on how fast Isaac is moving when he shoots (Not his current speed stat).
Companion Cube
Collectibles Companion Cube.png
Creatine Powder
Collectibles Creatine.png
Damage and speed up! 1.25x Damage multiplier and + 0.3 Speed Up.
Credit of Trust
Collectible Credit Of Trust.png


Allows you to take one free item or consumable per shop. If you take more than one thing, the shop pedestals will despawn, Credit of Trust will be consumed, and 2 Greed minibosses will spawn.
Crying Fetus
Collectibles Crying Fetus.png
Hatred! Drops an Epic Fetus missile upon taking damage.
Curse of Flesh
Collectibles Curse Of Flesh.png
Now you are a real human! +2 Heart Containers, full health. When a red heart gets depleted it is destroyed and replaced with a black heart.
Cursed Feet
Collectibles Cursed Feet.png

When you walk in a circle, temporarily creates a "magic circle" that prevents non-player entities from entering or leaving it.

Cursed Heart
Collectibles Cursed Heart.png
Corrupt your essence +0.666 Luck, +1.3 Range, +0.2 Shot Speed, +0.4 Speed, -1 Fire Delay, +1.666 Evil. You now have a curse every floor.
Dad's Cigarette
Collectibles Dads Cigarette Passive.png
Burns your health away Increases damage. Can only be obtained by using the Dad's Cigarette active item.
Dad's Shoe
Collectibles Dads Shoe.png
Tears + Speed up Speed and tears up. You no longer take damage from spikes or creep, except from Sacrifice Rooms spikes.
Divine Vengence
Collectibles Divine Vengence.png
Revenge from above Spawns several Holy Light beams upon taking damage.
Collectibles Controller.png
You're in control Gives various tear effects depending on which way you shoot and/or move your body. Includes effects like Homing, Mysterious Liquid, Spectral, Piercing, and more!
Collectibles Fever.png
Fly Boy
Collectibles Fly Boy.png
Chronenberged! Progressively turns Isaac into a fly over the course of many floors, granting various forms of stat ups and other effects. After 6 floors the transformation is complete, and the "Beelzebub" transformation is granted.
Giant Boulder
Collectibles Giant Boulder.png
Heavy! Flat +3 damage up.
Golden Champion Belt
Collectibles Golden Champion Belt.png
No time for losers Double damage dealt and recieved. Double champion spawn rate. Reduced champion pick-up drop rate to 10%
Greed's Soul
Collectibles Greeds Soul.png
"It corrupts your essence..." Grants a familiar that shoots three tears that have a chance to drop coins upon hitting an enemy. With the Greed Transformation, shoots 4 tears like Super Greed. Additionally respawns you as the Keeper if you die, consuming the familiar.
Guppy's Soul
Collectibles Guppys Soul.png
Collectibles Harlequinitis.png
Bleeding tears Gives Isaac a chance to fire a large, slow-moving blood tear that leaves a thick trail of red creep wherever it goes. This tear also deals extra damage.
Collectibles Honeycomb.png
Fight or Flight Honey creep no longer slows you down. Upon taking damage, you spawn 5-10 bees.
Collectibles ISAAC is SAD.png
Jack o' Lantern
Collectibles Jack o Lantern.png
Spooky! Bombs now cause fear on all enemies upon exploding, and shoot 4 fires in a + pattern.
Jar of Honey
Collectibles Jar Of Honey.png
Sweet tears Tear Size up. 0.8x Shot Speed. Tears now inflict slowing and spawn puddles of honey creep on impact, similar to Mysterious Liquid.
Collectibles Jetpack.png
Fwoosh! Gives Isaac flight, and leaves a short fire trail.
Lil Devil
Collectibles Lil Devil.png
Fiery friend Grants a familiar that shoots red fires periodically. These fires can destroy enemy projectiles and Shopkeepers.
Lil Dople
Collectibles Lil Dople.png
yddub rorriM Grants an Abel-like familiar that does not shoot, but rather deals contact damage.
Lil Larry
Collectibles Lil Larry.png
Growing buddy Grants a familiar that has multiple segments and chases around enemies. Each time you progress to a new floor, it gains another segment and increases damage.
Lil Scanner
Collectibles Lil Scanner.png
Study thy enemy! Grants a familiar that follows a target (can be controlled by shooting like Blue Baby's Only Friend) but also snaps onto nearby enemies to scan them. After hovering over an enemy for 3 consecutive seconds, it permanently makes that enemy take 1.5x more damage.
Lion's Mask
Collectibles Lion Mask.png
Everyone's favourite! +0.55 Damage, and a random Tears and Range up.
Lion's Tail
Collectibles Lions Tail.png
An amulet from the north Allows you to jump over 1-tile wide obstacles (pits, rocks,poop, etc), being invulnerable while doing so.
Lovely Eyes
Collectible Lovely Eyes.png
Heart tears Tears have a chance to drop half red hearts upon hitting an enemy. Scales with Luck.
Masonic Signet
Collectibles Masonic Signet.png
Dad's secret memento Super Secret rooms are replaced by the "I Am Error" room (You can still leave the Error room like a normal Super Secret room). Also increases the chance of finding items in Secret rooms.
Collectibles Menstruation.png
I hate these days... Red Poop no longer damages you. Whenever you take damage, you spawn red creep and some red poop.
Medusa Bombs
Collectibles Medusa Bombs.png
Freezing bombs! Freezes enemies for a few seconfs upon exploding.
Collectibles Misery.png
Fate's definitely against you -7 Luck. The lower your luck, the higher your tears, up to a 0.5x tear delay multiplier.
Mosquito Bite
Collectibles mosquitobite.png
May bring in the fever... Isaac has a chance to 'Sweat' creep and 'Cry' bloody Harlequinitis tears or Poison tears.
Nocturia Upload.png
My bladder hurts... Shooting for 5 consecutive seconds makes you spawn a puddle of yellow creep when you stop firing.
Collectible Pinball.png
Streak Bonus! Gives Isaac the chance to shoot a high velocity, bouncy tear that increases in velocity and damage the more it bounces.
Pixie Dust
Collectibles Pixie Dust.png
Makes you feel high... +0.3 speed. Grants Flight. Upon taking damage, you lose the flight and are teleported back to the entrance of the room (To avoid softlocking). Resets every room.
Collectible Poliomyelitis.png
Contagious handicapping x0.8 speed multiplier. Upon touching an enemy, you have a chance of permanently slowing it down. They can then spread this effect by touching other enemies.
Collectibles Pops.png
Collectibles Revenge.png
Mutually assured destruction Whenever you take damage, all enemies in the room take damage proportionally to how much health you have left. (So taking a half heart of damage when you had 1 and a half hearts means all enemies take 1/3 of their max HP in damage)
Cyber Bum
Collectibles Robo-Bum.png
He wants your energy! Grants a familiar that follows you around, picking up batteries and collecting excess charges from rooms you clear if your active item is fully charged (or you didn't have one). Spawns pickups after a certain amount of charges.
Rotten Apple
Collectibles Rotten Apple.png
Rotten Eggs
Collectibles rotteneggs.png
Best leave this one to Ashens... Fires an Ipecac tear upon taking damage. This tear cannot hurt Isaac.
Rubber Baby
Collectible Rubber Baby.png
Bouncy friend! Grants a familiar that blocks enemy projectiles and shoots bouncy tears.
Scented Candle
Collectibles Scented Candle.png
Schrödinger Tears
Collectibles Schrodinger Tears.png
Quantum tears! Gives Isaac a pseudo Triple-Shot with a wiggling effect. When one tear in the volley hits an enemy, the remaining two tears will vanish.
Seal of the Goddess
Collectibles Seal Of The Goddess.png
Faith up! +1 Faith, +0.25 Damage, Chance for soul/golden hearts to drop when enemies die.
Seven-leaf Clover
Collectibles sevenleafclover.png
Lucky! + 17.77 Luck.
Soul of Gluttony
Collectibles Soul of Gluttony.png
Collectibles Spam.png
Spam spam spam spam spam! All stats up. Each time you pick it up, it becomes more likely to appear instead of other items.
SMB Mode
Collectibles SMB Mode.png
100 coins = 1up! Collecting 100 coins will reset the coin counter and give Isaac an extra life.
Speedo Needo
Collectibles Speedo Needo.png
Faster, faster, FASTER! Isaac gets a speed boost when he kills an enemy and retains this speed boost as long as he keeps moving. Isaac can ram enemies to damage them.
Collectibles speedrun.png
Go! Adds a timer on the top of the screen upon entering a hostile room. If the room is cleared before the end of the timer, the room drops spawned are doubled. (This even works for Boss Rooms!)
Spinning Wheel
Collectibles spinningwheel.png
Round and round Tears Up. Each tear fired now comes out of Isaac 9° clockwise to the previous, resulting in a rotating spiral pattern.
Collectibles Starvation.png
H...u...n...g...r...y... Reduces your heart containers by 2 and adds 2 empty bone hearts. Your damage and tears scale with how many red heart containers you have, less containers resulting in higher fire rate but less damage. Speed and range also change according to your heart containers, increasing when you have a balanced amount of containers and bone hearts.
Strawberry Milk
Collectibles Goat Milk.png
Self-charging Shots! Gives Isaac low damage and fast fire rate. While Isaac is not firing, the damage of his next tear will be charging higher.
Tear Game
Collectibles Tear Game.png
Tech 3.14159265...
Collectibles Tech314.png
Irrational Technology A technology laser will fire from Isaac's body in the direction he is walking.
Tech L
Collectibles Tech L.png
Collectibles Tentacles.png
Give me tentacles Upon receiving damage, spawns 2 charmed "Nerve Ending" enemies.
The Bliss
Collectibles The Bliss.png
Just relaaaaax... Speed down. The slower you are, the more damage you deal.
The Manna
Collectibles Manna.png
What is this? Tear Size up, Tear Delay down, Damage up.
Tiny Moon
Tiny Moon Icon.png.png
Orbiting friend Grants a moon orbital. Both enemy projectiles and tears are attracted to this orbital. Tears increase their damage and range when close to it and projectiles are destroyed when they get too close.
Tonsil Stone
Collectibles Tonsil Stone.png
Torn Card
Collectibles Torn Card.png
A blessing or a curse? Upon taking damage, there's a small chance your currently-held card will be activated.
Turtle Shell
Collectibles Turtle Shell.png
Don't step over it! Gives you a shell on your back (graphics missing). Projectiles that hit your back have a 65% chance of not dealing damage.
Whip Cream
Collectibles Whip Cream.png
Momentum! Shot Speed multiplier. The faster your tears move, the more damage they deal.
Witch Hat
Collectibles witch hat.png
Possess them! Tears have a chance to inflict the "Possessed" status on the enemy hit. Possessed enemies behave like charmed ones, but follow a crosshair you can control, attacking other entities near the crosshair.
Yin and Yang
Collectibles Yin And Yang.png